Interior Demolition

We consider interior demolition (AKA Soft Demolition) the removal of non-structural improvements including drywall and plaster walls, wood and metal studs, storefronts, windows, doors, flooring including VCT, sheet vinyl, laminate, carpet, terrazzo, all kinds of tile and wood flooring. Additionally, interior demolition would include mechanical ductwork, mechanical equipment, lighting, electrical equipment and wiring, lighting, plumbing piping, and plumbing fixtures. A general term for interior demolition material would be C&D (construction and demolition debris). With over 20+ years in the business, we have removed it all!


In order to begin the restoration process, these buildings need to be stripped down to a completely bare interior, allowing owners to start with a clean slate.

We remove materials by hand wrecking with corded and cordless reciprocating saws, hand picks, drills, sledgehammers, and other small tools. We typically work top down, meaning we will remove the ceilings first, then above ceiling mechanical, electrical and plumbing, then work our way down to the walls and eventually to the flooring.

Also considered interior demolition would be millwork, cabinets, soffits, lighting, and any other non-structural construction inside of a building (also exterior such as canopies or soffits).

As this material is generated, we will load it up into wheelbarrows, plastic buggies or skid steers when possible.This material would typically be loaded out into roll off containers by hand, or possibly end dump trucks if loading out with equipment. Where possible, loading out the material with a skid steer is the most productive way to load out the debris.

Attention To The Details

One of the other things we do that is considered interior demolition is grinding floor thin set, mortar beds and mastics. We also have a ride-on scraper user to scrape up mastics and other materials adhered to the structural slab.

We have extensive experience in removal of all kinds of flooring materials. Our workers will always have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes a hard hat, eye protection, N95 dust mask, ear protection (when applicable), high-visibility vest, shirt, pants, gloves and boots. When necessary, the laborers have access to face shields to protect their face from projectiles, depending on the task being performed.

Often the process of interior demolition creates dust, so we have air scrubbers that filter the air of debris by sucking dirty air through a series of filters. We can also use water misting to control dust- this method is used when water puddling is not an issue.

We also saw cut, break and remove concrete for new plumbing, electrical or foundations.


Demolition Services, Inc. is a full service demolition company that can perform on projects large and small with precision, safety and efficiency.

Demolition Services, Inc. has extensive demolition experience and have successfully completed numerous difficult and fast-paced projects safely and efficiently. DSI has completed many projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $1 million. We have extensive experience in large and complicated projects for demanding customers and owners.

We are currently providing many Southern California contractors and developers like you with our services. Some of our services include interior demolition, concrete demolition, site clearing, building wrecking and asbestos abatement.

We are fully insured and bondable.

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