Demolition Services, Inc. uses flat saws, cut off saws, core drills and wall saws to cut concrete. These tools are powered by diesel, propane or electricity. The cutting wheels/bits on this equipment have synthetic diamond segments on them to abrasively cut through the concrete and steel reinforcement.

Water is utilized during this process to minimize dust. Once the concrete is cut, we use electric hammers, air hammers and equipment with hydraulic breakers to break up the concrete through impact.

We have broken up concrete slabs and footings as thick as 4’. Typically we will break up the pieces into manageable sizes so that it can be loaded into roll off containers or dump trucks, depending on access to the work. We would use wheelbarrows to load out the material by hand or heavy equipment if access allows. Again, we will use water or air scrubbers to minimize dust during this process.

We also core drill concrete walls and slabs to create 1” to 18” circular openings for pipe or conduit.

Last, we use wall saws to cut concrete, block or brick walls for new door/window openings. Generally, these openings will be broken by hand with electric or air hammers to prevent damage to the remaining wall. Some larger openings could be broken with skid steers or mini excavators with hydraulic breakers.


Demolition Services, Inc. is a full service demolition company that can perform on projects large and small with precision, safety and efficiency.

Demolition Services, Inc. has extensive demolition experience and have successfully completed numerous difficult and fast-paced projects safely and efficiently. DSI has completed many projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $1 million. We have extensive experience in large and complicated projects for demanding customers and owners.

We are currently providing many Southern California contractors and developers like you with our services. Some of our services include interior demolition, concrete demolition, site clearing, building wrecking and asbestos abatement.

We are fully insured and bondable.

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