Many owners and contractors don’t understand the rules of the AQMD. The AQMD is the government entity responsible for monitoring the air quality, including the removal of hazardous materials like asbestos.

Before ANY demolition project can proceed, an asbestos survey must be performed. Whether the building is being completely demolished or just stripping out the interior (soft demo) of the building, an asbestos survey must be performed. If the building is being demolished, an AQMD 14-Day Demolition Notification must be submitted. In addition, if asbestos is present in a building that is to be demolished or stripped out (soft demo), then an AQMD 14-Day Asbestos Notification is required. If the building is being stripped out and no asbestos is present, an AQMD Asbestos or Demolition Notification is NOT required.


Lead abatement is a process that removes and permanently eliminates lead-based paint from structures to prevent incidents of lead poisoning.

Companies that perform lead abatement must comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensing and follow specific work practices. All employees must take classes and receive a certificate of completion to maintain licensing. Workers must use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when doing lead abatement to prevent lead dust contamination. Scraping dry lead-based paint or sanding it without HEPA vacuum tools is prohibited, as is sandblasting, uncontained hydro blasting, burning, or chemical removal. Once taken away, materials with lead-based paint are often routed to hazardous waste landfills authorized to receive it.

Firms performing lead abatement must notify the EPA at least 5 business days prior to conducting lead-based paint abatement activities, with one exception—if those activities are required in response to either a determination of elevated blood lead levels in building occupants or an emergency abatement order. In either of those cases, however, notice must be provided no later than the day abatement activities begin.


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