Safety Is Paramount In Everything We Do

We are proud to have an exceptional record of safety

Our Commitment To Demolition Safety

Safety isn’t an option; it’s one of the most important factors in your commercial or industrial demolition and removal project and a focus on safety needs to start during the planning phase. Accidents involving people or equipment are usually disastrous. An incident involving hazardous or toxic waste abatement is another catastrophe that could potentially derail your business. Any incident involving unsafe equipment, careless employees or procedures is one too many.

How much would an accident cost your company? Not only would you lose a lot of time getting your project completed, it could cost you lots of money, especially if a customer or one of your employees is involved. The only item on the accident record of your demolition contractor should be NONE.

Zero Incident Demolition Safety Record

There are many demolition companies in San Jose who can get the job done, but they can’t claim our ZERO incident safety record. That’s right, SV Demolition Inc’s work force has never had an accident on the job. That’s because each and every one of our employees is put through rigorous safety training and regularly drug screens and physical testing. SV Demolition Inc. is proud of our zero incident record but we take safety a step further by keeping on top of new regulations as they are documented and then implementing the latest safety techniques before the government requires them.

Safety first. That’s the motto of SV Demolition Inc. – and shouldn’t it be the most important factor to weigh when deciding on a demolition contractor for your job?

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